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A Smile in a Whisper - Readathon Review

I’m going to be participating in a read along hosted by @tandemcollectiveglobal [AD-PR PRODUCT]

CW: Chronic illness, medical intervention, panic attacks, sex scenes, drug use, infidelity, underage drinking

Title: A Smile in a Whisper

Author: Jacquelyn Middleton

Publisher: Kirkwall Books

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Trope: Second Chance Romance

I absolutely love a dual timeline in a second chance romance. I really feel like that adds to the tension of the story. You love being in the present tense, but you desperately want another chapter in the past to find out what happened! What went wrong? Can they fix things? A Smile in a Whisper was no different. Add to it a phenomenal location of the Orkney Islands off the coast of Scotland and I was really transfixed! (I really appreciated the map at the beginning of the book)

Author Jacquelyn Middleton really upped the anti in this one since the main character, Evie, suffers from Crohn’s disease. It was perfectly represented and added a wrinkle to the story. Another wrinkle was that Nick, was a famous actor when they met as teens. He didn’t live a normal life, but not just because of his acting he also had terrible expectations from his family and suffered from panic attacks. These two really seemed to see and understand each other.

But, something or someone tore them apart and it’s up to them to decide if it’s too late of can they have a second chance at what seems like fate?

I really enjoyed this one and the read along hosted by @tandemcollectiveglobal Do you believe is second chances?

I gave this one 3 stars because it is not listed as YA, but both timelines read very much like YA to me. Which if fine, I love YA, just not quite what I was expecting from a book listed strictly as a Romance.

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