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A Winter In New York

Title: A Winter In New York

Author: Josie Silver

Publisher: Delacorte Press/Penguin Random House

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Romance

A Winter In New York by Josie Silver hands down has the best opening chapter and “meet cute”. This one is written in a bookstore and for book nerds. I’m convinced she wrote this one for her fans! It will hook you from the beginning. What will keep you invested in this story is the amazing scenery (hello, it takes place in NYC!), a warm, inviting, close knit Italian family, friendships and I can’t forget the food! (🤤😋) You’re going to want noodles for dinner then “vanilla forever” gelato for desert!

What I sort of struggled with in this book was all the secrets. That made the plot very flimsy. On the other hand, this book is filled with layers of dealing with grief for both our main characters. Iris lost her mother three years ago and has moved from London to NYC to feel close to her mother through memories. Gio lost his wife seven ago and hasn’t ever moved on. His life is his daughter, large Italian family and Belotti’s gelato. As usual @bookfriendsbookclub had a chat and it was fun to see what everyone’s thoughts were on this one!

We also had an ugly sweater party to celebrate the holidays. We had a great 2023 year of reading the book lists and ideas for 2024 are already swirling. I hope you'll join us!

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