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Against The Loveless World

Nahr, the daughter of Palestinan refugees grows up in Kuwait along with mother, brother, and grandmother. As Palenstians they are forced to migrate to Amman, Jordan. The book is broken up in sections of each country Nahr is displaced too. At only twenty she is abandoned in her marriage and is tricked into prostitution to provide for her family, including supporting her brothers dream of becoming a doctor. Nahr eventually decides to travel back to Palestine to get a divorce where she is then adopted by her husband’s brother and mother. There she becomes an activist and is arrested and put in an Israeli prison.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ This book teaches you a lot and is quite heartbreaking. For me, I struggled to connect due to the format of the 5 sections of countries and back and forth with present in “the cube”. It didn’t all make sense to me until the end when I knew why she was in prison. I also had trouble understanding the prostitution. Why the brother being a doctor was valued more than her? Sad. However, I never regret reading a book where I learn something even if I don’t connect! Try it.

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