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—Book Review—

I bought Crossroads when Barnes & Noble was doing their 50% off sale after Christmas. I was feeling really ambitious. Then I got it home and was wondering what I was thinking…580 pages. I struggle with long books. I put them off. I’m still staring at Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead and many other chunky books on my shelves. So when @shobizreads was doing a #buddyread for this one I knew it was now or never.

Did I like the book? Like I said in our group chat. “I think I liked the book” With a laugh. What I mean is . . . This was a smart book. Pretentious even. The opposite of me. So, lets break it down . . .

So what is Crossroads? Crossroads is a 1970s youth group. The book is told over the course of Advent and it focuses on the Hilderbrandt family. The dad Russ is the associate pastor of a liberal suburban church near Chicago. He finds his marriage joyless. He has also been lusting elsewhere and wants to break free but maybe wife, Marion who has her own secrets and maybe she just wants out too!?

Then you have their children: Clem, Becky, Perry and Judson. Clem avoided Vietnam for college and feels guilty. Becky is the popular at school and is supposed to go to college, but really just wants to break free from it all. Perry might just be a genius and oh he’s dealing drugs to middle schoolers. Yes, you read that right. Then Judson, is the baby of the family and just quiet and smart. I have a feeling since Judson is young now he will appear more in the future books. Yes, this is a trilogy. And yes, despite the page count I will likely read them.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Because the writing is good. But I’m reminded reading that I’m not sure I especially click with male authors. If that makes sense. The chapters are insanely long. Some are over 50 pages. Overall, I like family drama. I can get on board with unlikeable characters. I just would’ve liked to have seen more growth with this family. Some redemption. Yes, there will be a second book, but I shouldn’t have to wait for that. Also, I think it flashes forward twenty years in the next book. Stay tuned!

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