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Hello Stranger

Title: Hello Stranger

Author: Kathrine Center

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction

“The anticipation—the blissful, delicious, oxytocin-laden, yearning-infused, building self of anticipation—is the point. It’s the cocktail of emotions we all came there to feel.”

When I read this in the author’s note it smacked me over the head with exactly what I love about this genre and author. It’s what annoys me when I see so many harsh reviews in this genre stating that it’s predictable. Well, of course it’s predictable!!! These are books we read for a happy ending. We read for hope. I might’ve seen where Hello Stranger was going mile ahead of time, but it didn’t have me smiling any less and rooting for these characters! I was smitten.

Thank you to for the listening copy. It’s narrated by Patti Murin who had me binging this book at record speed!

“Love isn’t blind, it’s just a little blurry.”

Sadie gave up following in her father’s footsteps and going to medical school; instead she became an artist instead like her late mother. She’s been struggling to make it but has finally become a finalist in a big portrait contest. One minute she’s on her way to the store to pick up party supplies to celebrate and the next she wakes up in a hospital bed. Her freak accident reveals and issue on the scan and the need for brain surgery. When she wakes up from the surgery she is diagnosed with condition known as face blindness. It’s assumed to be temporary; a scary nightmare for anyone, but especially a portrait artist. She needs to see faces!

Over the next couple of weeks Sadie must cope with this condition, her dreams of being a successful artist, family drama, and taking care of her elderly beloved dog Peanut. Since she’s going through so much, she figures it’s okay to lust after her dog’s vet as a distraction. Of course, she connects another guy in her apartment building that she always though was kind of a jerk, but when you lose one sense and have to rely on others, maybe, just maybe, you were wrong. She ends up torn on which guy!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This book had just about everything going for it for me. Main characters that I loved and could root for. Secondary friends. Family drama. Good dialogue. A dog! I loved the audiobook so much I decided to buy a book of the month copy to match my others on my shelves! I highly recommend this book!

Purchasing from the link below supports independent bookstores and my site!

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