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How do you organize your books?

My motto is that there aren't too many books only too little storage. In all seriousness, books and art supplies are my things, and I supposed I enjoy decorating for holidays too. Otherwise, I don't prefer a lot of knick-knacks or tchotchkes. When my kids were younger and we were moving constantly with the military, I actually didn't have a lot of books. A few here and there and I was mostly a digital reader. As the years went by and the toys started disappearing and I began having more time for myself, I found reading for joy again. I also found thrifting for books which was the gateway to my now many, many shelves of books! And while it's a sad shift in life, my oldest two are young adult and college age and out of the house; so I can finally have an office. We now have a beautiful library instead of a playroom. Young parents out there, your time will come.

"The days are long, but the years are short."

To circle back to how I organize my shelves. I generally do genre first and group authors together. If I have favorite authors and they have written a lot of books, they may get their own shelf. I also have a few theme shelves such a celebrity book picks, foodie books, music fiction, and curmudgeon characters (my personal favorite!).

The above picture are some simple Ikea shelves I keep in my office with favorite books I've read. I just recently swapped some out with the changing of the new year. This is always hard to do because I have so many favorites! Sometimes pretty covers get the nudge here when I have too many favorites.

How do you organize your books? I'd love to know. Comment below!

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