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In A Not So Perfect World - Book Tour, Pub Day, Book Review!

📚Pub Day Book Review! 📚

Thank you @booksparks for the #gifted copy and having apart of the #SPRC2024 #TheNewClassic campaign. In A Not So Perfect World by @neelyalexanderwrites @harperbooks is OUT TODAY! Happy Pub Day!

“Trust. Such a brittle thing. Capable of flaking away with one wrong touch.”

On the surface this book seems like your typical rom-com trope of two apartment neighbors who have recently been dumped. Charlie was going to take his girlfriend to the Turks and Caicos on a romantic vacation, but she dumped him and he can’t get a refund; so he invites his neighbor Sloane to come in her place. They’ve really only met twice before: at a meet-cute in a bar and when their elderly neighbor started a fire and evacuated the whole building in the middle of the night. Sloane is down to her final interview for a dream video game designer job she desperately wants, so she decides to go along to work on the final interview project in peace and quiet. There is only one catch . . . Charlie wants to make his girlfriend, who has already started dating someone, jealous, so he asks Sloane to pretend to be dating him and take a few pictures during week that he can post to social media. Sloane understands what he is going through because she was dumped recently by her almost fiancé who is already engaged.

However, once Charlie and Sloane get to Turks and Caicos and you start pulling back the layers more you realize this story is actually a little deeper. These two both have emotionally been drowning in expectations from their parents. You see, they both want creative jobs, but those are not the jobs their parents want or see for them. They also both have parents who have been married a long time with an amazing love and deep connection that they feel is hard to ever measure up to or find someone like that. Or maybe they will? And maybe all it takes is a week to know. Because when you know, you know . . .

✅ Women in stem

✅ Supportive Friend

✅ BFF Dog

✅ Taylor Swift 🎵

✅ Amazing scenery

✅ Mary Poppins Bag

✅ Matching Tattoos

✅ Kumquat (IYKYK)

Ironically, I binged this while my husband was gaming some military tank games 😆 I highly recommend it! 🥰

Purchasing from the link below supports independent bookstores and my site!

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