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Maiden Voyages


Title: Maiden Voyages

Author: Sian Evans

Publisher: St. Martinโ€™s Press


Genre: Non-Fiction

Publication Day: 8/10/2021

Maiden Voyages is a non-fiction journey aboard ocean liners giving us the basic history of them, stories of women stewardesses who worked on them and as a bonus some history that went along this era.

Here is a list of the Ocean liners included in the book. And yes it does include the Titanic!

๐Ÿšข Britannia

๐Ÿšข SS Bothnia

๐Ÿšข Orinoco

๐Ÿšข Titanic

๐Ÿšข Carpathia

๐Ÿšข Aquitania

๐Ÿšข Olympic

๐Ÿšข Lusitania

๐Ÿšข Britannic


๐Ÿšข Saxonia

๐Ÿšข Laconia II

๐Ÿšข Majestic

๐Ÿšข Mauretania

๐Ÿšข Carinthia

๐Ÿšข Caronia

๐Ÿšข Zeeland

๐Ÿšข Tovarisch

๐Ÿšข Megantic

๐Ÿšข Berengaria

๐Ÿšข Mauretania

๐Ÿšข Lancastria

๐Ÿšข Queen Mary & Queen Elizabeth

๐Ÿšข Transylvania

๐Ÿšข SS Cameronia

๐Ÿšข Normandie

๐Ÿšข Empress of Britain

๐Ÿšข Columbia

๐Ÿšข Regina

๐Ÿšข Franconia

๐Ÿšข Athenia

๐Ÿšข Georgic

๐Ÿšข City of Benares

๐Ÿšข Volendam

๐Ÿšข Balchi

๐Ÿšข Cicilia

๐Ÿšข Aguila

๐Ÿšข Saturnia

๐Ÿšข SS Argentina

๐Ÿšข Plantano

๐Ÿšข Samaria

๐Ÿšข Caronia II

๐Ÿšข La Cordillera

๐Ÿšข Parthia

Rating: โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ Thatโ€™s a lot of freaking boats! And even though some of them are only briefly mentioned it still felt repetitive and this topic of the book was bogged down for me. I wish the focus was more on just the women. I quite liked their stories; especially Violet Jessopโ€™s. I did also enjoy the historical parts and while I like glitz and glam; some of the passengers couldnโ€™t help but feel like name dropping. For fans of non-fiction, the book Come Fly With Me (Pan Am), and Titanic fans too. This book would be great for a high school history teacher as a fun way to introduce history lessons.

Thank you to the publisher St. Martinโ€™s Press @stmartinspress for sending me a review copy via @netgalley.

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