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Maiden Voyages


Title: Maiden Voyages

Author: Sian Evans

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Genre: Non-Fiction

Publication Day: 8/10/2021

Maiden Voyages is a non-fiction journey aboard ocean liners giving us the basic history of them, stories of women stewardesses who worked on them and as a bonus some history that went along this era.

Here is a list of the Ocean liners included in the book. And yes it does include the Titanic!

🚢 Britannia

🚢 SS Bothnia

🚢 Orinoco

🚢 Titanic

🚢 Carpathia

🚢 Aquitania

🚢 Olympic

🚢 Lusitania

🚢 Britannic


🚢 Saxonia

🚢 Laconia II

🚢 Majestic

🚢 Mauretania

🚢 Carinthia

🚢 Caronia

🚢 Zeeland

🚢 Tovarisch

🚢 Megantic

🚢 Berengaria

🚢 Mauretania

🚢 Lancastria

🚢 Queen Mary & Queen Elizabeth

🚢 Transylvania

🚢 SS Cameronia

🚢 Normandie

🚢 Empress of Britain

🚢 Columbia

🚢 Regina

🚢 Franconia

🚢 Athenia

🚢 Georgic

🚢 City of Benares

🚢 Volendam

🚢 Balchi

🚢 Cicilia

🚢 Aguila

🚢 Saturnia

🚢 SS Argentina

🚢 Plantano

🚢 Samaria

🚢 Caronia II

🚢 La Cordillera

🚢 Parthia

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ That’s a lot of freaking boats! And even though some of them are only briefly mentioned it still felt repetitive and this topic of the book was bogged down for me. I wish the focus was more on just the women. I quite liked their stories; especially Violet Jessop’s. I did also enjoy the historical parts and while I like glitz and glam; some of the passengers couldn’t help but feel like name dropping. For fans of non-fiction, the book Come Fly With Me (Pan Am), and Titanic fans too. This book would be great for a high school history teacher as a fun way to introduce history lessons.

Thank you to the publisher St. Martin’s Press @stmartinspress for sending me a review copy via @netgalley.

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