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My Wife Is Missing

—Pub Day Book Review—

Title: My Wife Is Missing

Author: D. J. Palmer

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Genre: Thriller/Domestic Suspense

I have enjoy this author’s previous books, so I was grateful when the publisher @stmartinspress honored my request via @netgalley to read and review this title.

Michael and Natalie’s marriage has been out of sync. Natalie has been dealing with Insomnia. Despite these things they decide a family trip away with their two young kids to NYC is just what they need. Shortly after they arrive Michael goes to get carryout pizza for the family. When he returns, his wife and kids are gone. The only thing left is a his son’s beloved teddy bear left in the hallway. Did they leave willingly in a rush or did someone take them!?! Dun… Dun… Dun…

Rating: What a roller coaster ride. The chapters are narrated by Michael in present and Natalie narrates both in the past and the present. Both are unreliable. Natalie especially because of the Insomnia. And Michael because you don’t if he is good guy or a bad guy. I was invested in this story until the ending. The ending was stupid, came out of nowhere and kind of had me rolling my eyes. Sorry. ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

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