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Sorrow And Bliss

—Book Tour + BOOK REVIEW—

Title: Sorrow And Bliss

Author: Meg Mason

Publisher: Harper Perennial

Genre: Dark Humor Literary Fiction

Today is my Book Tour Stop for Sorrow And Bliss! Thank you, Partner @bibliolifestyle + the publisher @harperperennial for having me.

If you we’re like me and missed out on when this book came out in hardcover, you can now pick it up in paperback in this stunning mint green color. It was just released March 1st. The cover totally had me craving mint chocolate chip ice cream. Maybe, I’m just sick on Winter!? Anyway before I get sidetracked further, lets talk about the book shall we!?

Sorrow and Bliss is written in sort of a rambling like way which works really well for the humor and tackling the unravelling of the mental health of the main character, Martha. At times I almost felt like I was reading a journal or diary. Maybe it was the dark humor at times that felt gossipy. All of this to say, this author’s writing really worked for me.

I enjoyed the relationship Martha had with her sister, Ingrid. I also enjoyed her marriage to Patrick because despite its flaws, ultimately…“no marriage makes sense. Especially not to the outside world. A marriage is its own world.” Martha had a precious relationship with her father and eventually her mother. For all the floundering Martha had in this book I do believe it ended on a good note. I do believe the message was positive for mental health and seeking help; and also second chances for people and relationships.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I can see now why this book made the Women’s Prize long list a couple of days ago. I was immediately hooked to this character and book. It was charming, funny and filled with hope. I believe this book is the perfect example that we can always rewrite our stories if we’re willing to do the hard work!

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