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The Chemistry of Love

itle: The Chemistry of Love

Author: Sariah Wilson

Publisher: Lake Union

Genre: Contemporary Romance Fiction

*Hot Tip* If you are an Amazon Prime member this is a January first reads. You can get it for free if you pick it and download it by the 31st. This month you actually get two picks. Score!

So some of November and most of December, I the mostly historical and literary reader, couldn’t stop reading holiday contemporary romance books. When January rolled around, I figured I would’ve had my fill, but I hadn’t. So a book about a female chemist and some fake dating (my favorite trope!) was an easy pick for me!

Anna is a geeky chemist and she wears that badge with honor. But, sometimes being the geek makes it hard to get the guy, but Anna makes a bold move anyway and decides to quit her job so she can date her sort-of-boss, Craig. All done up at a work party she is embarrassed and devastated to find out he is engaged. After too much champagne, she has an epic “meet cute” with Craig’s brother Marco, where she confesses her love for his brother. He proposes they pretend to date so Marco beats out Craig at work for a promotion and because Marco knows it will make competitive Craig jealous and give Anna her shot. Only as time goes on Anna begins to forget all about Craig…

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A little bumpy a long the way, but swoony Marco keeps this at a solid four star. I loved how geeky both Anna and Marco were. They play monopoly together. There are many references to Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Anna’s relationship with her grandparent’s and best friend was endearing. Grandpa’s rescue birds were a hoot. Quirky elements make me like and remember a book more. I recommend this one romance readers.

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