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The Farewell Tour - Audiobook Review

Title: The Farewell Tour Author: Stephanie Clifford Publisher: Harper @harperbooks Genre: Music/Historical/Fiction

Music fiction is my jam. Add in some historical elements, a book that almost reads like a memoir, a complicated main character, and some more deeper issues that I wasn’t expecting, and this one is a winner! Thanks to the @librofm #alc I was able to listen to this one and I highly recommend that route. It’s narrated by Carrington MacDuffie and she nails a raspy, twangy voice for a country musician. She even sings a few ditty’s here and there throughout the story.

It’s 1980 and Lillian Waters is hitting the road for the very last time. The music business has left her a little rough around the edges and perpetually hungover, but worst of all she is dealing with career ending vocal problems. She decides to put together a nationwide farewell tour yearning to feel the rush of making live music one more time and basking in the glow of a packed house; lastly she wants to finish the tour in her hometown at the farm she left when she was just ten years old. It’s time to finally confront her childhood.

“That was it. To make something. To try to put something in the world, however ugly the process, however much we struggle to make it, however harsh the reception might be, it was more than a living, it was life.”

This book ebbs and flows through poor beginnings, breaking free, stardom, wartime, the rise of the music scene in Nashville, love, being a woman in a man’s world, creativity, ambition and so much more.

“It’s her. She’s a star now. We were wrong.”

Rating. This was a solid ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for me. I really enjoyed ‘Lil Waters. She was as sassy as they came. She wasn’t dealt the best hand and didn’t always make the best choices, but deep down she had good heart. You couldn’t help but root for her. And those are the best kind of books!

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