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The Good Part - Backlist Book Review

📚Book Review 📚

Title: The Good Part

Author: Sophie Cousens

Genre: Contemporary + Magical Realism

#throwbackthursday I’m throwing it back to last year when this book came out and everyone told me I’d love this and to read it; yet somehow I didn’t. I blame the fact it came out in November and all the ‘ber’ months are, well, a blur. But, onto this amazing book . . .

Like the title suggests, this book is all about wanting “The Good Part” in your life. Skipping all the messy hard work and getting to your goals. What if we just did that? What would our lives look like?

Lucy Young is twenty-six and is living in a perpetual state of fog. She’s so tired all the time. Mostly of being the coffee girl for senior TV producers, disastrous dates, and who can leave out the dump she lives in with three other roommates. Every morning she wakes up to the neighbor above her flooding their leaky bathtub through her ceiling on her face. And let’s not forget that there’s never any toilet paper thanks to her roommates.

Lucy is not ready to give up her dreams of working as a TV producer, finding love (with marriage + children!), and a home of her own someday. When she ditches yet another terrible date and has to seek shelter from a London down pour she finds herself in an interesting pub. In the back is a wishing machine. So she wishes to skip to “The Good Part” of her life!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I absolutely adored this one. This is one of those romances that felt like it had a little more meat to it. You could definitely use it as a book club pick or chat about it with your girl friends. It makes you think. I just adored her little boy in time travel portion of the book! As someone in their forties, I found it humorous when she woke up with an aged face that she was shocked by! That honestly is what it feels like in real life. I look in the mirror sometimes and it feels like overnight! I’m a big fan of British romance/chick-lit and this is one to add to the recommendation list.

If you read this, wasn’t the opening part where one of the roomies girlfriends was soaking bones in the bathtub for bone broth just hysterical! Like what!?!

Purchasing from the link below supports independent bookstores and my site! Thanks!

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