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The Night She Disappeared

The Night She Disappeared is a slow burn eery mystery set in the country side of the UK. The atmosphere was fantastic. I, mean, it involves a house called ‘Dark Place’ and also had dark academia vibes with the boarding school.


Title: The Night She Disappeared

Author: Lisa Jewell

Publisher: Atria Books

Genre: Suspense/Mystery/Thriller

2017: 19 year old Tallulah is finally getting a date night with her boyfriend Zach. Tallulah’s mother, Kim, offers to babysit’s their son Noah for them and telling them to go out and have a good time for once. Don’t hurry home. But when late night turns into morning and they still haven’t arrived home, Kim worries. They would never abandon Noah. They may be young parents, but they are good parents. Kim begins investigating and finds out Tallulah and Zach were last seen going from the bar to a party in the nearby woods at a house called the Dark Place.

2019: Sophie is walking in the woods near the boarding school where her boyfriend just work as the head teacher when she sees a note fixed to a tree with a sign that says: ‘Dig Here’ . . .

A cold case, an abandoned mansion, family trauma, and dark secrets are the recipe for Lisa Jewell’s latest new novel. One that I couldn’t put down and read in less than 24 hours!

Rating: Ok, so I read this one in less than 24 hours and need to know what was going on, but when I got there . . . I was kind of let down. It was like driving to Disneyland and then only going to the parking lot. Do I still recommend it? Heck Yeah!!!

Thank you to @atria for the #gifted ARC. I literally screamed when I got this one in the mail! This one comes out 9/7. Definitely put this one on your #tbr. It’s perfect for spooky season!

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