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The Night Ship

—Book Club Book Review—

Title: The Night Ship

Author: Jess Kidd

Publisher: Atria

Genre: Historical Fiction +

he Night Ship is based on an epic historical event that I never even heard of! It’s so radical it almost seems like a fairy tale. Jess Kidd’s writing feels like a fairy tale! I honestly thought it was made up until I found myself down the ‘ole Google rabbit hole. She zippered together two timelines flawlessly based on the sinking of the Batavia ship headed for the Dutch East Indies in 1629 before the ship sank and survivors washed up on an island. They survived for some time before eventually turning on each other.

The other timeline is set in 1989 and features a parent-less boy named Gil sent to live with his grandfather, a fisherman, off the coast of Australia where he discovers the story of the the infamous shipwreck of the Batavia. This timeline was full with quite a bit of mystery that I wasn’t expecting and had me turning the pages quickly! Gil’s story runs parallel with Mayken’s who is also parent-less girl aboard the Batavia. Their stories are similar, yet different. They continue where one ends. They are like magnets attracting each other by the time you finish a chapter and then they are like magnets pulling away and so different. They are opposites. They are alike. I know I’m not making sense. I just can’t describe the author’s writing and how much I loved these characters. They made me FEEL!

“The world can think you’re all wrong if there’s one person who thinks you’re just right.”

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 have so many thoughts and can’t wait to discuss this one with my @bookfriendsbookclub tonight! I honestly was excepting more magic with this one. More fantasy. It’s more historical fiction, mystery, and fairy tale book. I thought the book kinda just ended. Which I’m not sure about here. Did you read this? Thoughts?

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