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The Phoenix Crown - Book Tour + Review

📚Book Tour Review 📚

Title: The Phoenix Crown

Authors: Kate Quinn & Janie Chang

Publisher: William Morrow

Genre: Historical Fiction + Mystery

Thank you to @uplitreads + the publisher @williammorrowbooks for the #gifted copy to read, review and share with all of you! Pub Day 2/13 Review

The Phoenix Crown has two powerhouse historical fiction authors coming together to collaborate on this book and go ahead and try and guess who wrote what chapter, paragraph or even sentence because you absolutely won’t be able to! This book is so seamlessly written you would never guess two authors wrote it.

The prologue sets the tone for the reader that this is going to have a mysterious and suspenseful undertone which I was not expecting. Once I found my footing into the story and with the characters I really enjoyed this one.

❤️ What I loved:

👑 This book shines a spotlight on four unique women (Gemma an Opera singer, Suling a gifted Chinese embroidery/seamstress, Nellie an artist and Alice a botanist)

“Most men are idiots. They have no idea how hard it is for a woman to smash her way to the top.”

👑 I don’t want to say that I liked a character that was suffering severely from Migraines, but the representation in books for chronic illness suffers to see themselves in a character is always appreciated, I believe. I myself am about to start yet another migraine medication.

“To be vulnerable is not the same as being weak.”

👑 I like the way the first half of the book had the countdown for the earthquake at each chapter. It really added to the ambiance and suspenseful tone.

👑 Talking points for a book club. A story that explored inequality and greed!

👑 The pacing was great! Very much like an opera song. You’ll be captivated.

“Suling didn’t understand the words, but the melody and Gemma’s clear, elegant soprano stirred a wistfulness in her, an awareness that there was beauty amid the sorrows of this world”

👑 An author’s note not to be missed! These ladies ideas and research were enormous!

👑 Chinese antiques, plants, etc. were all very interesting!

👑 A very satisfying ending!

I highly recommend this one!! 👍🏻👍🏻

Book Summary ➡️

Purchasing from the link below supports independent bookstores and my site!

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