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The Second Chance Year

Title: The Second Chance Year

Author: Melissa Wiesner

Publisher: Forever

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Am I reviewing a book I read on New Years with a picture in front of my Christmas tree…YUP! 🤣

“Will a chance to relive her past totally change her future?”

I read this book in one sitting on December 31st and what a perfect way to end my year and get ready for the new year. This book was sweet and just an utter delight.

Sadie’s life has fallen apart. She lost her job. Her apartment. Her boyfriend. All thanks to her big mouth.

“I wish you could see yourself the way I do. Because I don’t see someone with a big mouth. {…} I see someone who stands up to bullies. Who doesn’t let bigger, more powerful people get away with treating someone badly.”

At a party on New Year’s Eve, Sadie, meets a fortune teller and jumps at the chance to redo her awful year. Not, that she really believes in this sort of thing…

When Sadie wakes up the next morning, she is back in her former apartment with her former boyfriend with the phone ringing from her forming job wondering why she isn’t at work! As Sadie redos the past year she begins to see all the red flags she missed the first time and wonders if this is really the life she wants!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I really enjoyed this one. Adorable. Cute. Fun. I really like the time travel trope and thought it was well done. This was a fun do-over to learn who you really are.

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