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The Women - Audiobook + Netgalley + Bookclub Pick

Updated: Mar 13

🎧 Audiobook Review 🎧 + Netgalley + Bookclub Pick

Thank you @macmillanaudio for the #gifted listening copy that is expertly narrated by Julia Whelan. She is a favorite narrator of mine, but I was particularly impressed how well she seamlessly could do so many voices, both male and female in this one. I was also thrilled to have a @netgalley copy from @stmartinspress so I could follow along and highlight my favorite quotes! And there were many!

Folks, I think this will come as no surprise, but Kristin Hannah has done it again! WOW! We readers are often asked our favorite book and it’s like picking a favorite child!  There are so many!  My default answer has always been The Nightingale by KH because I love it so much.  Now, I don’t know . . . I think The Women might have just taken my top spot as my favorite book by her.

Let me explain why. There are going to be a TON of reviews for this book, but despite not being of this generation I felt a deep connection still.

This book is obviously going to reach Veteran’s of the Vietnam War. It’s going to hit that whole generation. Likely nurses in general. First responders. Doctors. Really any one that takes on a medical or support roll. But, it really hit me too. I’m a military spouse of 24 years. I sent my husband off to 3 major combat deployments and many, many more separations. It made me reflect and remember times. And it gave me all the feels. And oh my gosh, Frankie, it felt like you were walking in her shoes. Truly heartbreaking.

What I Loved:

—A book exploring a different time period; the Vietnam war isn’t often written about. Loved the authors note that she wasn’t just using books, but mostly people to help in this writing/editing journey. I also loved that while she had the idea to write this book in 1997 she recognized she didn’t have the writing skills yet. What maturity!

—The friendships. Thick as thieves. Not only did Hannah shine a spotlight on the mantra “Women can be heroes” but she included a Black nurse + Civil Rights, which was very progressive in that time.

—Two part story. Hannah didn’t shy away from war, trauma or addiction. This book was REAL!

—I’m always rooting for love, but I think these side stories also showed Frankie’s character growth both in country and then her struggles with trauma when she couldn’t reacclimate.

—The ending. It felt somber and hopeful while still stay true to a story like this.  It made sense. But, it true KH fashion, not without some surprises to you give you the feels.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Out tomorrow 2/6 and a @bookfriendsbookclub February pick!! Come read with us!

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