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We Are The Brennans

“You f*** with one Brennan, you f*** with six Brennans.”


Title: We Are the Brennans

Author: Tracey Lange

Publisher: Celadon Books

Genre: Domestic Fiction

We Are the Brennans explores the power of shame, love, and being torn apart by secrets. It’s a book about a tight knit Irish Catholic family and their drama. Lately, I can’t get enough books about family drama and that are character driven. I loved this one!

Sunday Brennan has lived in Los Angelos the past five years. She left her family neighborhood in New York with little explanation. When she wakes up bruised and battered from a drunk driving accident, she swallows her pride and goes home with her older brother, Denny, to the rest of the family.

🌳 Brennan Family Tree 🌳

▪️ Mickey is the father to the Brennan family. He seems to be suffering from dementia. He is a widow since his wife Maura has passed away.

▪️ Denny is the oldest son in the Brennan family. He is the problem solver. He co-owns the family pub Brennans. He is married to Theresa with a daughter, Molly.

▪️ Jackie is the next Brennan boy. He has had some trouble with law and is on probation. He is loyal to Sunday and helps at pub.

▪️ Shane is youngest Brennan boy and he was born with an intellect disability. All the Brennans are fiercely loyal to him and a great protector.

▪️ Kale is Denny’s best friend and an honorary Brennan. He has been apart of the family since he was a child. He dated and was engaged to Sunday until she left for LA. He co-owns the Brennan pubs with Denny. Brokenhearted when Sunday left, he married Vivienne and they have a child together, Luke.

▪️ And of course Sunday she is the only daughter. She balances the family. She’s also trying to be a writer.

As Sunday is home healing, she determined to rebuild her life, but when a dangerous man from her past, a man her brother business is now involved with, it’s time for all the families secrets to finally come out. How will the Brennan family confront this pain and can they more forward??

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I freaking loved the Brennan family! Gah! Who doesn’t want to be aport of big close knit family!? I loved the authors writing and the way the chapters seamlessly transitioned from person to person. My only complaint? The book is under 300 pages and I wanted more!

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