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🎧 Book Review 🎧

Title: Weyward

Author: Emilia Hart

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Genre: Historical Fiction/Magical Realism/Fantasy

I didn’t get to this debut novel by Emilia Hart back when it was released in March, so I purposely saved it for the fall. I suspected is would be a good October book and it totally delivered on the ambience. Thanks to a listener copy from @librofm + I was able to listen to this Multi POV & Timeline skillfully narrated by Aysha Kala, Helen Keeley, and Nell Barlow.

✨ 2019 - Kate is fleeing from an abusive relationship. She’s inherited her Great Aunt Violet’s home. Once she arrives she becomes very curious to discover her family history.

✨ 1942 - Violet has a gift of communicating and understanding bugs and animals. They are basically her friends on her family’s estate that she feels trapped on. Because she is a girl. She longs for more. More education. More. Then when she starts to hear stories about her mother, she is desperate to know more about her and how she died.

✨ 1619 - Altha is on trial for witchcraft.

Connecting the story and these women together was the Weyward Cottage.


✨ Gothic

✨ Magical

✨ Secrets

✨ 3 POV

✨ 3 Timelines

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I love multi POV & timelines; especially ones like this that are interwoven so perfectly! I will never get tired of reading about strong and resilient women, but add a little magic and it’s perfection. I highly recommend this debut. The audio was fantastic; it kept me entertained on my daily chores, errands and a flight to visit my daughter!

CW: Rape, Physical & Mental abuse

Purchasing from the link Below supports Independent Book Stores and My Site!

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