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2023 "Book Bracket"

📖 2023 ‘Book Bracket’ 📖

Do you have a book journal? Do you do a yearly book bracket? Or I guess you don’t technically need to be someone who journals, there are a lot of lovely creative people who create these brackets for their stories on Instagram!

Last year I did one for the first time and it was a lot of fun! But, gosh was it a challenge some months picking my favorite because I had so many favorites and other months there was a clear winner. Then, it was a struggle once again when some of the books went up against each other.

And, here’s the big question, while these books all made monthly favorites, will I keep them all in my yearly stacks? Probably. That makes sense. But, stay tuned because I will finally post my favorite’s stacks by genre this week. (I know you have been holding your breath 🤣)

J - The Light Pirate

F - The House of Eve

M - Maame

A - Adelaide

M - The Secret Book of Flora Lea

J - The Happy Life of Isadora Bentley

J - Annie Lyons (it’s my birthday month so I allowed myself to pick both her books when I couldn’t choose 😉🤣)

A - Tom Lake

S - This Tender Land

O - Divine Rivals

N - The Berry Pickers

D - The Frozen River

Winner: The Frozen River

I'm looking forward to journaling and doing another book bracket in 2024!

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