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Chapter One

Welcome to Big Sky Books!

Where you'll find book reviews and recommendations; and maybe some of my other creative pursuits.  My name is Missy and I'm so happy to have you here.  I read a variety of genres from Historical Fiction to Thrillers to Literary Fiction to Young Adult (YA).  Don't let anyone tell you someone in their forties can't enjoy YA!  These books tackle some tough issues and others are just so gosh darn fun!  When I'm not reading you can find me in my studio being creative with watercolor paints or editing pictures.  The inspiration for my brand name Big Sky Books came from the wonderful state of Montana that I first started my book journey in.  We now call the Kansas City area of Kansas home.    I am a mom to 3 (A senior & sophmore in college + a freshman in high school).  And I can't leave out my dog mom status.  Being a mother is the greatest honor, so maybe I should of lead with that.  But as my kids age, I'm challenging myself to explore other identities such as my reading, writing and art.  Feel free to contact me for reviewing opportunities.  I read just about anything but horror and sci-fi.  But perhaps I can be persuaded.



Big Sky Books



Below you will find the reviews for all my recently read books.  I have categorized them all if you are looking for a certain book or genre.  Lets find your next read!

"It's why I do what I do.  There's a book for everyone, even in you don't know there is.  A book that reaches in and grabs your soul."


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