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Swift and Saddled - Audiobook Review

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🎧 Audiobook Review 🎧

Title: Swift and Saddled

Author: Lyla Sage

Publisher: Dial Press

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Thank you @prhaudio for the listening copy! I devoured this audio by Teddy Hamilton and Vanessa Edwin. I absolutely love when dual POV books are dual narrated.

Swift and Saddled is the second book in the Rebel Blue Ranch series. You technically could get along just fine reading this one without having read Done and Dusted the first book, however, the Ryder family, friends and community is just perfection, so I think it enriches the story having read the first. It’s no secret that I love older characters and the patriarch Papa Amos has my heart. What a devoted father he is!

Absolutely no sophomore slump here; dare I say I like Swift and Saddled even more!? Once you meet Wes you’ll know!

Ada comes to Rebel Ranch as the interior designer to restore the old family home on the property. Getting the lay of the land she goes to the local bar the the night before. There she meets a handsome cowboy and they have a kiss of all kisses… What are the odds he’s her new boss!? Oopsie!

You’re going to devour this book. Slightly spicy. Has excellent mental health rep. I recommend this one. It’s swoony, a fast read, and possibly a slump buster! Maybe I’m now in my cowboy era… 🤣

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