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All the Sinners Bleed

📖 Book Review 📖 Title: All The Sinners Bleed Author: S.A. Cosby Thank you @flatiron_books for the #arc plus for the listening copy. I started the book in print to get my bearings, then switched to audio. Of course, my print copy was never far from me so I could pause and tab all the amazing quotes. That’s just who I am. The narrator Adam Lazzare-White was fantastic. He really brought Titus to life and allowed to get in his head as he went on to solve the case in this story.

Titus, a former FBI agent, is back in his small hometown in Charon County to look after his father and troubled brother. But, that’s not the only job he has, he was elected as the first Black sheriff in the town. He ran to make a difference, especially in the Black community, which has often been unfairly treated by the police.

“I don’t work my cases based on the social standing of the victims, Ms. Stoner. Either we all matter or no one matters. Everyone deserves to have someone speak for them.”

But a year on the job and a school shooting rocks the town. A beloved teacher is murdered and in an effort to get the shooter to surrender his deputies fire a fatal shot. Another Black boy killed.

“There was ugliness, sure, but there was beauty in the world, there was grace, if you knew where to look. It was there if you were brave enough or foolish enough to seek it. The star on his chest dictated that he wade through the muck and the mire, but it wasn’t an anchor. It didn’t have to drown him in the slurry unless he let it.”

What seems like a simple school shooting quickly unravels down a trail of buried bodies, secrets and abuse. It’s enough of a battle trying to find this killer hiding in plain sight, but Titus must do all while having protestors protecting the Confederate flag and despises a Black man wearing a police uniform.

“Eventually they give up their secrets, but the price for those revelations is always paid in blood.”

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 S.A. Cosby is a genius. He does it again! Be warned, though, this one is quite a bit darker than his other books. It definitely has squeamish scenes. Overall, I really recommend this one.

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