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Amazing Grace Adams

—Book Review—

Title: Amazing Grace Adams

Author: Fran Littlewood

Publisher: Henry Holt

Genre: Contemporary/Literary Fiction

Amazing Grace Adams was the @readwithjenna September pick. You can also find in the @aardvark subscription box.

his book has had some pretty mixed reviews and is even more mixed on the cover opinions and the fact that there are two! One with the bird (like mine) and one where they put a circular blurb to cover it up! And despite the cover trying to be funny and the premise of this book beginning with Grace parking her car in traffic and walking away, this book actually deals with a lot of heavier themes.

I have a theory you have to be a little older to enjoy this one because I loved it! I could really relate to the main character Grace who was in her forties like I am. It just really resonated with me. Honestly, one minute your in your twenties and the next you blink and your in your forties! But, overall I think this will appeal to all women raising children (especially teens!) and feeling like they are putting their careers on hold or maybe the ones that are parenting and working somewhere that is just a job for a second income, not a career; all while supporting your spouse’s true career advancements.

A heads up on this one is it has multiple timelines and they are non-linear at times. It’s really important to know Grace now, in the beginning and in-between to get the full story.

❓Why does Grace snap and walk off in traffic?

❓Why is she separated?

❓Why is her daughter now living with her husband and not speaking to her?

❓Why does she feel like it’s a last ditch effort to bring a cake to a birthday party she’s not wanted at?

❓What happened to the amazing parts of Amazing Grace Adams?

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 Ok, so it’s not logical her day long outing from the car ditching and walking all over town. You must suspend your thoughts there. It actually reads a bit like a movie in that sense. I couldn’t stop reading to learn about Grace and what happened to her family. Even though none of these things in the book have ever happened to me, this was a very relatable book that made me think. It made me think if I fall down, I always can get up again. I can always try. And there is always more.

Purchasing from the link below supports independent book stores and my site!

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