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And Yet By: Kate Baer (Poems)

#bookmailmonday Thank you @harperperennial for sending this one my way! Okay, okay, I know this one doesn’t come out until November 8th but I couldn’t resist sharing. This is my third time reading @katejbaer and I devoured it! I’m definitely going back a second time to savor it a little more. If you love poems I think Kate Baer is great, down to earth and approachable. She is well known on social media for taking tweets and turning them into poems. Genius! Perfect to add to your lists for gift giving this holiday season. Pre-order it here. I hope it’s okay to give a sneak peak and share one of my favorites: Idea I will enjoy this life. I will open it like a peach in season, suck the juice from every finger, run my tongue over my chin. I will not worry about cliches or uninvited guests peering in my windows. I will love and be loved. Save and be saved a thousand times. I will let the want into my body, bless the heat under my skin. My life, I will not waste it. I will enjoy this life. ❤️❤️❤️

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