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August Wrap Up

🍍 August Wrap Up 🍍 I really enjoyed the books I read in August and hope you will put some of these on your #tbr I can’t pick a favorite this month! These are my top contenders: The People We Keep, All The Lonely People, The Charm Offensive and Once There Were Wolves (audio). ——5⭐️s—— ▪️ The People We Keep ▪️ All The Lonely People ▪️ The Charm Offensive ▪️ Once There Were Wolves 🎧 ——4.5⭐️s—— ▪️ Sister In Arms ▪️ Blush ▪️ All Your Perfects ——4⭐️s—— ▪️ Songs In Ursa Major ▪️ For Your Own Good ▪️ Not A Happy Family ——Under 4⭐️s—— ▪️Watch Me Disappear - 3.75 ⭐️ ▪️Maiden Voyages - 3 ⭐️ 📱

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