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Darkness Calls the Tiger - Book Tour Review

Book Review

Title: Darkness Calls The Tiger

Author: Janyre Tromp

Publisher: Kregel Publications

Genre: Historical Fiction (light in Christian themes)

Thank you @uplitread for the #gifted copy of Darkness Calls The Tiger by Janyre Tromp. Friends, I absolutely devoured this book and felt so immersed in the story. The atmosphere and beautiful writing was perfection. It was suspenseful and had me turning the pages at quick speed!

{But Ma used to say}

“Trusting life to be good in the light ain’t nothing. But if you have to trust in the dark, well now, that is faith.”

This book at its core will inspire you and help you to see the good in the dark. It will reinforce the power in forgiveness.

I’ve read a lot of WWII books, but never one taking place in Burma. That was a welcome change. This book takes place after the attack on Pearl Harbor when Imperial Japan was taking over the southern portion of Burma with intentions on taking over mainland Asia.

The story focuses on Kailyn Moran the daughter of a widowed missionary in a village of the Kachin mountains. Her father is convinced that God will protect the mission always. Thus, he makes the decision to leave Kai and the new young inexperienced missionary Ryan in charge, so he can head to the mountains to offer help. As war descends Kai and Ryan form a bond not only with each other, but the villagers and refugees. However, despite their best efforts, the brutal enemy shatters everything they love and Kai leaves on a path of vengeance. Ryan fights to protect Kai and help her see the power in forgiveness…

Beautiful. Susupensful. Hopeful. I recommend this one! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

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