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December Book Friends Book Club Picks


If you missed @mommaleighellensbooknook and @bigskybooks live ☕️ coffee chat ☕️earlier today, here are our @bookfriendsbookclub picks for December!

🍧 A Winter In New York by Josie Silver

This darling holiday romcom opens with a scene in a NYC bookstore! Told in dual timelines, we watch a young woman named Iris help to recreate a recipe for a cute boy in a gelato shop that’s struggling after their founder ends up in the hospital. Then we go back in time and learn of her mother’s story and how the recipe came to be. It’s a nostalgic story full of classic holiday charm!

The BEST part? We will be hosting an ugly Christmas Sweater party via zoom when we finish reading, filled with white elephant gifts and bookish treats! You won’t want to miss it! Out now + a BOTM pick!

❄️ The Frozen River by Ariel Lawhon

This historical mystery takes place in colonial Maine, 1789, and based on the real life midwife Martha Ballard. She was an advocate for women’s health at a time when many couldn’t read or write. Her diary lands at the center of a murder and rape trial as Martha fights for justice for those without a voice.

This story was just meant to be a @bookfriendsbookclub pick! We chose this back in September during the @Epigraphlitfest as a Winter Book not to miss. Out Dec 5, it's a BOTM, PRH Audio, Libro FM pick and rumored GMA pick.

We will discuss this in detail after the holidays.

DM us below to be added to a chat! (just let us know which book or books!!)

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