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Enough Already

—Book Tour + REVIEW—

You may think you know Valerie Bertinelli as just an actress, soulmate to the late Eddie Van Halen, devoted mother to Wolfie Van Halen, and Food Network cooking expert, but her memoir ‘Enough Already’ will have you adding accidental life coach to her resume. Wow! I wasn’t prepared for how moved and deep this book would resonate with me. @wolfiesmom this book is *chefs kiss* brilliant. I literally hugged it when I finished.

Bertinelli wrote this book over the course of September 2019 - May 2021. But the real epiphany occurred in January of 2020. We’ve all been there where we want to loose that 10 pounds . . .

“It just can’t be that anymore,” I say. I am on the phone with the Today show producer. “I have been losing the same ten pounds for over fifty years. It can’t be the ten pounds. I am tired of that conversation. I have been having it my entire life, and I don’t know if it’s even relevant. What I want to know if this: How do I love myself the way I am right now? In this body? At this age.” I may never lose the weight. If could lose it and keep it off, I would. But . . . and it’s a big but (pun intended) . . . I have spent nearly every day since I was thirteen getting on the scale in the morning and afternoon without ever being happy or satisfied with the number I see. That’s more than thirty-two thousand steps on and off the scale ending in disappointment. My journal is a chronicle of frustration and failure. I have recorded my weight every day without ever seeing the right number. Why have I made my happiness contingent on a number that will never satisfy me?

Enough already.

“Maybe I don’t have to struggle so much. Maybe I can just love myself today and see what happens”

Valerie writes a lot about love and ceasing the moment. Time waits for no-one. I took her advice and finally did some @letsgomakeart painting again. I haven’t done it in awhile because of self doubt pain, fatigue and self doubt. Ugh! But let me leave you with this gem I highlighted. (Picture 4 will show you how much I highlighted!)

“Joy is not going to come to me. I have to intentionally pursue it everyday”

Rating: I don’t rate memoirs because who am I to rate someones life!? Valerie was vulnerable in this book. She shares herself, Ed’s fight and death of cancer, her incredible bond with her son, and some recipes too. Well done!

Thank you partner bibliolifesyle @williammorrowbooks@marinerbooks for having me on this tour! This one is out now!

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