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Good Catch

Title: Good Catch

Author: Jennifer Bardsley

Publisher: Montlake

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Pub Date: 10/5/21

Book Tour: Kate Rock Book Tours

Thank you to Jennifer Bardsley, the publisher Montlake, and Kate Rock Book Tours for having me on this book tour!

I’ll admit I requested this book because of the cover. Fall is my favorite season and does this cover not SCREAM fall!? I thought it was delightful. And I’m happy to report the book is equally delightful. It felt like a warm hug and left me smiling the whole entire time. The.whole.entire.time!

What is your favorite romance trope? If it’s enemy to lovers then this is the book for you! Even if it’s not…this is the book for you!

Marlo and Ben have known each other since Kindergarten and through a series of childhood and teen unfortunate misunderstandings have become sworn enemies. They are both using the app “Good Catch” to find the one. But could the one be right under their nose all this time!?

Synopsis from Amazon:

Former ballerina Marlo Jonas has all the right moves—except when it comes to men. Her latest boyfriend? A cheater. In the wake of her breakup, her father has a novel idea for her: try dating men for who they are and not how they look. This makes it easy to ignore her hot nemesis, Seattle Times reporter Ben Wexler-Lowrey.

Ben’s take on romance means spending time with interesting women whose personalities might sparkle more than their looks dazzle. But Ben’s mother thinks he can fare better. He’s never tried online dating before, but what could be the harm in putting himself out there?

As Marlo and Ben both suffer through a series of hilariously awkward dates, they’re left feeling empty. Marlo needs someone empathetic enough to soothe her past hurt. Ben needs someone who truly sees him for the man he is.

These enemies love to loathe one another; could that mean Marlo and Ben are foes in love?

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I really enjoyed this one and the characters. It was really sweet and really, really funny too. The character Goldie…LOL…IYKYK! Note: That this is technically the 2nd book in the “Sweet Bliss” series. However, it reads as a stand-alone. I did not read the first book and had no issues. I do, however, now want to read the first book! At times it was a little wordy with descriptions, but that just a personal preference nit-pick.

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