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June Wrap Up

🌴 June Wrap Up 🌴

I only read 9 books with 2 more in progress. I know you’re rolling your eyes at *only 9*. I am too! 🙄🙄

My favorite two books were *The Guncle* and *RazorBlade Tears*. Both were 5⭐️s for me! RazorBlade Tears comes out on July 6th or you can get it in @bookofthemonth.

I finally read the highly popular backlist The Seven Husband’s of Evelyn Hugo. Why did I wait so long!? #pridemonth was the perfect month to read this one! Of course, pride reading doesn’t stop because June is over!! I also gave this one 5⭐️s.

{Four point five stars}

▪️One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot 😭

▪️Malibu Rising 🌊

{Four Stars}

▪️Our Woman In Moscow 🧡

▪️Skye Falling 🎆

{Under Four Stars}

▪️The Maidens - 3.75⭐️

▪️Home Again - 3⭐️

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