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Let's Not Do That Again

—Book Review—

Title: Let’s Not Do That Again

Author: Grant Ginder

Publisher: Henry Holt

Genre: Fiction Satire/Political

I don’t read a lot of satire, or political fiction for that matter, but there was something about this synopsis and title that drew me in. So, well done to the @henryholt team and author @grantginder who sent me this ARC.

So many flawed characters, but I was immediately hooked to the Harrison family. This book is being compared to VEEP (I’ve never seen it…I know it’s a political one) but this family and characters reminded me of the show Arrested Development! One of my favorites. Dare, I even say Schitt’s Creek!

Here’s the thing about flawed characters . . . I like them to have some redemption and I think the author did a good job with character growth. Even with the radical twist and when you figure out how clever the title is and what exactly the ‘That’ is!

Rating: Four solid stars for Nancy Harrison running for senate while her grown children, Nick and Greta make things rather difficult. This book was a genre bender for me - funny, a little mystery, and it just felt modern & smart. I definitely recommend this one!

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