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Mika in Real Life

Title: Mika in Real Life

Author: Emiko Jean

Publisher: William & Morrow

Genre: Women’s/Contemporary Fiction

Oh Mika I adore you!

I did not expected the depths of feelings I had for this book. There are some downright complex things explored in this book, but the author somehow makes everything light and approachable. She handles it with love. Like a mother would. We’re all just doing the best we know how.

At thirty-five Mika’s life is kind of floundering. She broke up with her boyfriend. Her best friend that she lives with is basically a hoarder. She goes from job to job. So of course she can’t live up to the standards her Japanese-American parents have, especially her mother. Art isn’t a real job to them. Worst of all she always has to go to them constantly for financial help to pay her bills.

But everything changes in a split second when she receives a phone call (at a TARGET!) from Penny; the daughter she placed for adoption sixteen years ago. Mika and Penny begin having regular phone calls and Mika wanting to impress her daughter embellishes a little. What starts out harmless really begins to snowball.

“I wanted to be worthy of Penny”

Penny books a ticket for spring break and what comes next is a story of hopes, dreams, flaws, and Japanese heritage.

CW: Rape, Alcohol poisoning (I did not like this storyline and it deducted from a perfect rating for me )

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I adored this story. I even enjoyed the side story of widower, Thomas (Penny’s father) and Mika. There was a lot of love and healing in this story. Character growth. Coming of age for both a teen and thirty year old. Highly, highly recommend it!

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