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Mini Reviews - Katherine Center Backlist!

5 Mini Reviews

After reading Hello Stranger earlier this spring, I took a deep dive into Katherine Center’s backlist and have now read all her books except for Everyone is Beautiful. For some reason I’ve never bought or thrifted this one. It’s also not available on my libby or hoopla library system. Strange. Anyway without further ado before a run out of characters…

🌸 What You Wish For (2020) - Second chance romance for a school librarian and the new principal, found family, explores grief and PTSD, quirky whimsical small beach town and characters. If you don’t like over the top joyous books heavy on the cheese, then this book is not for you. 4 ⭐️

⛰️ Happiness for Beginners (2015) - Soon to be a Netflix movie (7/27/23). Helen’s husband is an alcoholic and she finally got the courage to ask for a divorce. She can’t seem to get her life together, so she decides to do something big and sign up for a wilderness survival course. There are a lot of things she isn’t expecting about this course, but the biggest one is that her brother’s best friend Jake is there and he kisses her…and she likes it! More of a figuring yourself out story than a due romance, but you will still swoon! 4.5 ⭐️

🐓 The Lost Husband (2011) - Libby loses her husband in a car accident and without many options takes up her Aunt Jean on her offer to move to her small town Texas farm with her two children. Libby quickly finds she likes the farm chores and the quiet country life. She also likes the company of the shaggy guff farm manager who is full of secrets. 3.5 ⭐️

🤰Get Lucky (2010) - A book about the bond of sisters. Workaholic Sarah loses her job in NYC so she comes back home to Houston. Her sister Mackey has been trying desperately to have a baby. So Sarah offers to be her surrogate. When their Dad announces he is getting married again, it’s time to finally fully deal with the loss of their mother so many years ago. And of course, there is a second chance for Sarah with a guy she treated badly in High School! 4 ⭐️

🐥The Bright Side of Disaster (2007) - The day before she goes into labor, Jenny’s fiance Dean runs out to the store and doesn’t come back. Motherhood is tough, but Jenny makes friends in a mommy group and gets to know a handsome helpful neighbor. When several months later Dean comes back, Jenny must choose between her old life that she thought she wanted and the new one she’s been lucky to find. 3.5 ⭐️

Katherine Center has been magical in her writing since day one, but it’s also been amazing to see her progression. I can’t wait for her next book! Auto-buy author!

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