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Pineapple Street

Title: Pineapple Street

Author: Jenny Jackson

Publisher: Viking

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

I dare you to not fall in love with the Stockton family of Pineapple Street! Dare you! This book was absolutely witty, charming and highly entertaining. Maybe the characters were supposed to be a tad unlikeable, but I tell you what I couldn’t pick a favorite. They each brought their own charm.

Told from three POV’s of the two sisters (Darley + Georgiana) and one sister in-law in (Sasha) alternating chapters.

👋🏻 Meet the Stocktons

🍍 Tilda - The mother. A tennis star and master at throwing parties and a tablescape. The daughter of a former governor and comes from wealth. Has an opinion on everything. Married to Chip.

🍍 Chip - The father. Comes from real estate money. Works in real estate with his son Cord.

🍍 Cord - Son. A newlywed to Sasha. Works in real estate with his father. Really funny, but maybe is too easy to please his family over his new wife.

🍍 Darley - Daughter. Married to Malcom. Has two kids obsessed with death, Poppy and Hatcher. Gave up her inheritance for love. Drowning in her days as a stay at home mom.

🍍 Georgiana - The baby in the family. Also a tennis star and all around athlete. Deals with love and heartbreak, pushing her to a philanthropist lifestyle.

🍍 Sasha - Married to Cord. Comes from a working class family. She met Cord in college and started her own business, but still is nicknamed “Gold Digger” by Darley and Georgina. Sasha and Cord move into the family home on Pineapple Street after they marry and she feels like she is living in a museum and not a home!

🍍 Malcom - Married to Darley and an aviation banker. Quiet, sweet and loves his wife and kids!

I can see why this was selected by @gmabookclub and @bookofthemonth. There are so many strong themes from being well connected with old money, to motherhood, to poverty, and what it feels like being an outsider. It’s written in a light, humorous and approachable way that makes for easy conversation.

📖 “Mom, I think poverty is really important dinnertime conversation.” Georgiana countered. “I think that’s a big mistake we’ve been making as a family, only talking about things that make us comfortable. We need talk about what life is actually like for most people”

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I flew through this book and I think you will too! It’s a book I stayed up late reading and I love books that make me want to do that. It’s character driven, but with characters like these you won’t mind even if this isn’t your preference. Highly recommend. Would be especially great sandwiched between heavier reads.

Purchasing from the link below supports independent book stores and my site!

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