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Pub Day Mini Reviews!

It’s the first pub day in August and were already off to quite a start for the month. Lots of great books came out today, but I’m going to focus on three that I listened to on audio.

▪️Gone Tonight by Sarah Pekkanen (Thriller)

▪️The Honeymoon Crashers

(The Unhoneymooners 1.5, A Simon & Schuster Audio Originals, full cast, Contemporary Romance)

▪️Unnecessary Drama (YA Contemporary Romance)

Gone tonight is a mother and daughter psychological thriller that relies heavily on an unreliable narrator. With the slow burn of a dual POV, intrigue and constant heightened suspicions, this one is a puzzle putting it all together. It begins innocent enough and almost doesn't even feel like a thriller. Do we ever really know those closest to us in our lives? Daughter Catherine thinks she knows her mother very well; after all it’s only ever been the two of them against the world. But, things slowly start to unravel after her mother gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s . And why doesn’t her mother want her to move away? I listened to this one in a day! Thank you for the #gifted listening copy. Kate Mara’s narration was superb. 4.5 ⭐️

The Honeymoon Crashers is a original Thank you @bookclubfavorites @simonandschuster for the #gifted listening copy! This is a full cast audio and even has extra sound effects throughout. It’s such a fun listen. If you loved the first book by Christina Lauren, The Unhoneymooners, you will absolute love this novella. The best way I can describe this listen is like a delicious pint of ice cream that you meant to only have a few bites of and before you know it, it’s all gone! You will devour this! Ami is determined to break the Torres family wedding curse. You remember the food poisoning disaster at her wedding and of course the cheating groom. So, the family crashes Olive and Ethan’s elopement in Maui to help throw them the perfect wedding. Ami doesn’t need any help throwing the wedding, but like it or not she’s going to get it from the best man, Brody. 4 ⭐️

Unnecessary Drama was such an entertaining enemies to lovers romantic comedy. Thank you for the #gifted listening copy. It’s narrated by Maddy Withington who did an excellent job with this multi POV story. Brooke and Jesse were close friends in High School until they had a falling out. Imagine her surprise when he shows up to rent a room at the same house as her for college. The house owner has only one rule “no unnecessary drama”. Easy. Brooke will just ignore Jesse. Turns out, though, he’s not actually the jerk she though he was. And he’s not so easy to ignore. 4.5 ⭐️ Ok, this one was adorable. Great banter and dialogue throughout. One note, this is an Australian story.

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