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The Blaze Collection 1-7 (Amazon Originals)

▪️Amelia’s Shadow by Marie Benedict

Author Marie Benedict has knack for writing about unheard of women in history.  When you think of women in aviation, I bet you automatically think of Amelia Earhart, right?  Well, this novella was about her rival and later very good friend, Ruth Nichols.  “Could it be that the newspapers pitted us female pilots against each other from the start?”  Marie’s strength in writing is her immense research, so this maybe would shine better as a full novel.

▪️The June Paintings by Maggie Shipstead

A remote island off the coast of Maine and a reclusive artist.  Feels like the start of a thriller, haha!  But, this was a small character driven story about a young artist and a dying legendary artist.  It has a surprise twist of an ending!  Very enjoyable read.

▪️The Forgotten Chapter by Pam Jenhoff

Pam Jenhoff is a favorite author and I will read anything she writes!  This was a historical romance set in 1943 London that will tug at your heartstrings.  Also a coming of age feel.

▪️Fires to Come by Asha Lemme

This is a story of a Black baby who was found and raised by protective, secretive Italian parents.  As she comes of age and realizes she is the only Black person in her neighborhood she begins venturing to Harlem to see the Jazz community and what else it out there.  I honestly could have seen this as a complete full length novel.  I loved it!

▪️Tune in Tomorrow by Melanie Benjamin

The main character Abby Taylor trying to break it into a 1950s male-dominated world reminded me a lot of Elizabeth Zott in Lessons for Chemistry.  This character was based on Irma Phillips who is responsible for radio programs and daytime soaps.

▪️Fallen Grace by Sadeqa Johnson

Sadeqa, Sadeqa, Sadeqa you always know how to write a story that breaks my heart, but somehow feels hopeful.  My heart was racing as Bubbles escapes from a brutal sanctuary for “wayward girls” with her baby before they give it away.  I was routing her on every step of the way.  This should be a full length novel!

▪️Barriers to Entry by Ariel Lawhon

This one caught me off guard being a forensics topic.  However, I wanted to know more when it ended!  Another one that should be a full novel!

All these novellas are 35-50 pages.  Fast, but still engaging reads.  I recommend them!  You can find them on Amazon.

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