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The Celebrants

📖 Book Review 📖 Title: The Celebrants Author: Steven Rowley Publisher: Putnam @putnambooks Genre: Contemporary Fiction June @readwithjenna

Like many readers and bookstagrammers, I devoured and loved ‘The Guncle’; so obvisouly ‘The Celebrants’ was a highly anticipated read for me! The good, I read this book in one sitting! However when I closed the last page, this could only be a like not a love for me. Was it entertaining? Sure. But, it felt a little shallow and I never fully connected to these characters or their friendships. But you know what? That’s ok…it’s simply unrealistic to expect perfection every time and with every book. And honestly, this is likely a me problem. I read a lot of literary fiction, so I went in with a lens to analyze this book, when I simply needed to go in and read for a good time.

“Do as many things as you can to remind yourself you’re alive.”

Jordan, Jordy, Naomi, Craig, and Marielle all met their senior year of college at Berkley. After losing their sixth friend of the group, Alec, and pondering if he every understood how much he meant to them, they enter a pact to throw each other living funerals; celebrations to remind themselves that life is worth living and their lives not only mean something, but to each other.

But, this time they aren’t meeting about Marielle’s marriage, or because Naomi’s parents died, or for Craig’s “martha stewart jail time”; they are meeting with “The Jordans” because Jordan has a really big secret.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I loved the concept of this story and the author’s signature humor. There is a skydiving scene that will have you bursting in tears with laughter and I cracked up laughing that Craig’s nickname was Nana. I’m a sucker for nicknames. The ending really brings this one home. I dare you not to shed a tear. But overall, do yourself a favor and don’t take this one too seriously like I did and just enjoy it!

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