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The Happy Life of Isadora Bentley - Booktour Review

📖 Book Tour Book Review 📖 Title: The Happy Life of Isadora Bentley Author: Courtney Walsh Pub Day: 6/13/23 Thank you, @tnzfiction @courtneywalsh @tlcbooktours for having me on this book tour for The Happy Life of Isadora Bentley! Courtney Walsh is one of my favorite authors of this genre because of the witty dialogue she writes and fully fleshed out, rich characters. Her books give you all the feels and The Happy Life of Isadora Bentley was no different!

I fell in love with Isadora from page one. We meet her in the grocery store on her thirtieth birthday buying junk food. Her inner monologue about avoiding the candy aisle had me chuckling and saying “this is me. Isadora is me.” While she is at the check out line she sees a headline for a magazine that catches her eye: “Thirty-One Ways To Be Happy”. Now, Isadora is academic researcher, so she thinks this is bogus. There’s no way. Of course she does what any respectable researcher would do and sets out on a little experiment of her own proving this ridiculous article wrong!

But, something happens the deeper she gets into her research. And, she meets some pretty amazing people, including a handsome professor. But, Isadora needs to learn some more things about herself first and heal from some hurt too in order to let the happiness and people in.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ All the stars. I loved Isadora. Courtney had my kryptonite too with a friendship to an older man in the story. I love older people in stories! There was also an unlikely friendship with a teen girl too, that Isadora sees her former self in. Someone she’s able to help. I say it all the time, but the testament to a great author is how well they can write secondary characters too. Courtney passes the test with fly colors. This whole cast…Gahhh…Just so much goodness! The happiness project becomes a bucket list of sorts, which is always fun. I just can’t recommend this one enough!

Purchasing from the link below supports independent bookstores and my site!

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