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The Husbands - Audiobook Review

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🎧 Audiobook Review 🎧

Title: The Husbands

Author: Holly Gramazio

Publisher: Doubleday Books

Genre: Contemporary Fiction + Magical Realism

Thank you @prhaudio for the #gifted listening copy of The Husbands narrated by Miranda Raison. When a book takes place in London, a British accented narrator is a must, but one that is easy to understand is a plus. Miranda Raison fit the bill and did an amazing job with this quirky story.

This book starts with a bang! Lauren returns home to her flat in London late after a girl’s night and is greeted at the door by a man named Micheal. He is her adoring husband . . . the only problem is Lauren has never seen him in her life! Eeek!

It takes a few different husband’s visiting her before she realizes her attic is magical. (Stay with me here!) A husband goes up to change the lightbulb, and a new one reappears.

Next comes Lauren keeping some for a trial run and others she sends right back. This felt like a clever take on a dating app of sorts. But, at its core it really begs the question about paths we choose in life.

I can see how some will find this repetitive with over 200 husbands, but I felt like there was a twist midway through that kept this one going. Then ultimately I had no idea how this would wrap up, so I needed to know.

The audiobook was a solid for me. That’s my recommendation. I think this one will end up being more entertaining in your ears. A fun read just in time for Summer.

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