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The Invisible Hour

—Pub Week Book Review— Title: The Invisible Hour Author: Alice Hoffman Publisher: Atria Books @atriabooks Genre: Literary/Historical/Magical Thank you to @bookclubfavorites #bookclubfavorites by @simonandschuster for the #freegift to read and review. I love being apart of #bookclubfavoritesinsiders

The Invisible Hour is filled with Alice Hoffman’s signature magical atmosphere and lush prose. It’s a love letter to readers, books and libraries. It has a main character to root for and there are so many good bones in this story; but I did find myself a little lost amongst the three parts. The first part is the longest and I think readers will really enjoy, but parts two and three feel a little less cohesive with the story. And it’s no shade against time travel or dreamy love . . . I adore those elements!

Read if you love:

📖 Books about cults

📖 Books about books, especially those special ones we deeply connect to!

📖 Books about libraries and what a gift librarians are

📖 Time travel

📖 Magic

📖 Love

“A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.”

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Give this one a shot and see what you think. It’s a fast read!

Purchasing from the link below supports independent book stores and my site!

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