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The Sicilian Inheritance - Book Review

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📚 Book Review📚

Title: The Sicilian Inheritance

Author: Jo Piazza

Publisher: Dutton Books

Genre: Mysterious Historical Fiction

“When you’ve stepped in the shit you’ve got no choice but to keep walking until you get home to clean yourself up.”

Pack your bags . . . we’re going to Sicily this summer! Well, this book is going to make you wish you were. Warning: you will be very hungry reading this book and be bitten by the travel bug!

Told in a dual timeline, we first meet Sara in the present day. Her life is a little bit in shambles.

“I often tried to pinpoint the exact moment when the life I worked so hard for began to fall apart. Because there’s always a beginning, a place where you’ve screwed up so badly there’s no putting it back together.”

She’s a butcher (yes, a girl!) and a restaurant owner. Well, was. She’s facing bankruptcy on the restaurant and to top it off, going through a divorce. The last thing she needs in a letter from her late Aunt, who was so pivotal in her life, informing her that she’s left a plane ticket for her to go to Sicily for two weeks. But, not a R&R like she probably needs, but to figure out a family secret! The rumor in the family is that her great-grandmother, Serafina, that she was named for, was murdered.

The other timeline is told through Serafina in the early 1900s. Serafina was the smartest girl in the village who figured her brains would be her way out. Except, she gets pregnant as a teen, then married. Seeking a better life, her husband goes to the States and sends money back to her. Meanwhile she keeps fighting for a better life for herself and the village.

This is an immersive, multigenerational tale that will have your attention from the beginning. It’s witty, smart, and will keep you guessing until the end! I highly recommend this one! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

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