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The Warsaw Orphan

Title: The Warsaw Orphan

Author: Kelly Rimmer

Publisher: Graydon House

Genre: Historical Fiction

The Warsaw Orphan gave me all the feels. It broke my heart, but I closed the last page feeling hope. Author Kelly Rimmer has a way with words.

There are a lot of parts and moving pieces in The Warsaw Orphan; as you may expect with war.

Elzbieta doesn’t have much of a life thanks to the Germans who patrol her streets and impose curfews. And she honestly hasn’t given much thought of what goes on behind the walls containing her Jewish neighbors. But, she knows about brutality all too well and it’s why she hides her true identity. Elzbieta befriends Sara, a nurse, in her apartment and becomes very curious about the work she does. It turns out Sara uses her credentials to smuggle children out of the ghetto. This is how Elzbieta meets Roman Gorka. Roman was seeking help for his newborn sister that has starving. Based on a true story. The Warsaw Orphan is one not to miss!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ For me, there was just a little too much going on in this book. I think it could’ve been edited slightly to tighten the focus a little, IMO. Still a wonderful book that I highly recommend.

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