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The Wife App - ARC Review

📖 Book Review 📖 Title: The Wife App Author: Carolyn Mackler Publisher: Simon Books @simonbooks #simonbooksbuddy Genre: Contemporary Fiction Pub Day: 6/27/23

Confident. But Funny. Boss Babes. Single Moms. Divorcees. Finding help and the credit wives deserve!

Lauren meets her best friends Madeline and Sophie for dinner to “celebrate” but mostly because she needs the support having just signed divorce papers to end her marriage from her cheating husband. Over cocktails and fancy foods they start ranting how wives do everything for free. And it’s a lot of work and stress. A mental load. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to fill out the school paperwork you didn’t feel like, make phone call or other chores. There’s practically an app for everything these days… The wheels in Lauren’s head start turning with her background in computer science and the idea for “The Wife App” is born. With Lauren’s tech background, Madeline’s trust fund, and Sophie’s can do attitude these three are an unstoppable force.

Told in three POV these three woman couldn’t be more different, but their friendships really work. It actually kind of reminds me of the woman on Sex and the City. Full of character growth, my only complaint is one of the woman’s story arc’s just seemed really unbelievable to me and overall the ending a little rushed. While overall light, fresh and funny this does tackle some stronger themes of gender and mental health, specifically OCD. 3.5 ⭐️

Favorite Quote:

“The world deserves your awesomeness.”

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