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The Wind Blows in Sleeping Grass #gifted Review

—Pub Day Book Review—

Title: The Wind Blows in Sleeping Grass

Author: Katie Powner

Publisher: Bethany House

Genre: Contemporary Fiction (lightly Christian leaning)

Today I have a pub day review thanks to my friends at @bethanyhouse for the #gifted copy!

I’m going to admit I requested ‘The Wind Blows in Sleeping Grass’ strictly because of the beautiful cover and that the synopsis mentioned it took place in Montana. That’s all I needed to know. After living there for four years and moving away last year, I like to travel via the pages whenever I can. The author nailed the state and the small town living!

The Wind Blows is Sleeping Grass is a quiet character driven story, but make no mistake this book is also full of heavier themes such as domestic violence, bullying; secrets, lies and second chances. The authors perfectly executes heavier themes with whismy having a pot belly pig and three legged dog as characters. Pearl, the pig, has my heart!

After years of drifting, fifty year old Pete is back in the small town of Sleeping Grass; somewhere he never expected to be again. He’s pretty content being the town’s garbage collector and has his potbellied pig, Pearl, by his side. His new routined life quickly changes when he meets an elderly widow, Wilma, who is full of secrets. When he meets Wilma’s housekeeper/caretaker Lily and his sister and nephew move back to town, his new quiet life will never be the same! Luckily, he has his pal, Raymond, aka Windy Ray and his beloved three legged dog Apisi always looking out for him.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You’re going to fall in love with these characters! I just love books that shine a spotlight on found family. This one quietly moves a long like a small town, but as secrets come out it really picks up the last third or so. Hang in there. My only disappointment is I was hoping for a stronger ending or epilogue. Pick this one up today 9/26.

Purchasing from the link below supports independent book stores and my site!

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