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Truth and Other Lies

—Book Tour + BOOK REVIEW—

Title: Truth and Other Lies

Author: Maggie Smith

Publisher: Ten 16

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction/Political

Pub Date: March 8th

Today (3/27) is my book tour stop date for @katerockbooktours and the book Truth and Other Lies that came out earlier this month. Thank you to the author + publisher for having me on this tour.

Fast paced, witty and energetic . . . what a debut for author Maggie Smith! I really enjoyed Truth and Other Lies and seeing an author tackle some strong issues such as abortion, sexual harassment and ethics. All centered around the workplace; especially with the idea of a cut-throat industries such as journalism and politics and how much harder it is for woman to succeed. The author handled all these topics with care and grace.

Megan moves back to Chicago from NYC when her boyfriend cheats on her and she loses her journalism job. She temporarily moves back in with her mom, but wants out asap because they don’t exactly get along. Or it’s more like they don’t understand each other. Especially when it comes to politics. And now because Megan’s mom is running for Congress she is having trouble getting hired again as an investigative journalist. So, when she accidentally meets, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jocelyn Jones, she is pulled into her orbit to work on her media team in the mean time. Megan is about to learn the tricky line between secrets and lies…

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ While predicable at times I still devoured this book and it didn’t take away from my enjoyment in the slightest bit. The beginning immediately sucked me in but at the same time I wasn’t quite sure why the campus rally #metoo moment was the choice to have Megan and Jocelyn meet. It seemed kind of odd to me that a 25 year old would be going to a campus job’s board in the first place?? We do everything on the internet these days. Do job’s boards even exist. Nonetheless, as you shift your reading moods to spring and summer this should be added to your tbr!

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