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A Cross Country Christmas


Title: A Cross Country Christmas

Author: Courtney Walsh

Genre: Women’s Fiction

f you only have time to read one Christmas book this season. This is the book!!! This book is absolute perfection!!! From the cover, to the characters, to the well plotted story . . . Dang can Courtney Walsh write. I must have all her books now!

What’s your favorite romance trope? I can’t say I have a particular favorite. As long as there isn’t cheating or a love triangle, I’m usually in! This book is your classic brother’s best friend trope and talk about a lot of fun!

Lauren has painful memories of her parents fighting and a Christmas break in college gone wrong. So, she really isn’t a fan of Christmas and doesn’t generally travel home from CA back to the midwest. Except, this year her brother’s wife is due anytime with a baby and he has guilted her into coming home. He’s even managed to arrange a ride since Lauren is afraid of flying.

But the ride. The ride. It’s with Will. Will Sinclair. Lauren’s childhood crush she’s been trying to forget. Ughhhh! With no other choice Lauren accepts the ride. Not knowing Will is in no hurry and has a special road trip adventure planned out. It’s a hilarious adventure of organized vs. spontaneous. But the biggest question of all is can people change?

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I believe is second chances and forgiveness so this book spoke to my heart. This book feels like your favorite christmas movie that want to watch over and over again. I’ll be rereading next year is what I’m trying to say!

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