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A Killer in Crystal Palace

Title: A Killer in the Crystal Palace

Author: Deb Marlowe


Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing


Genre: Historical Mystery

Pub Day: February 17, 2023


A Killer in the Crystal Palace is a good old-fashioned mystery that I think you’re really going to enjoy! With a strong-doesn’t-fit-the-mold main female character and an author who excels at exceptional dialogue there is a lot to love in this one. FYI, This is book one of a new series for the author, titled ‘The Kier and Levett Mysteries’.

Its 1851 in London and the event of the year, The Great Exhibition is going on. It’s what everyone is talking about! Miss Kara Levett, the daughter of a baron, is thrilled with the opportunity to be an exhibitor herself. She demonstrating to everyone her elaborate automations and case clocks.

But things change overnight when a man is murdered in the Crystal Palace and she becomes the prime suspect! With the help of fellow exhibitor, Mr. Niall Kier, Kara begins a sleuthing quest to find the real killer.


✔️Family Secrets

✔️Hunting Clues

They must act fast because it seems the killer is after her next!

Sound like your jam? Pick up a copy today!

Purchasing from the link below supports independent book stores and my site!

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