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A Little Hope

This is a sneaky little book...

—Book Review—

Title: A Little Hope

Author: Ethan Joella

Publisher: Scribner

Genre: Literary/Contemporary Fiction

“You never know. You never know what can break you. What you can fix, what you can stand up to. You never know what time will do, what will defeat you or surprise you. You never know.”

A Little Hope may be the book with the most perfect title. Because my gosh . . . is this book full of hope! Don’t be afraid of this one. Don’t be afraid that it’s too sad because it’s such a beautiful book.

I initially wasn’t sure if this book would be for me; not because I thought it would be too sad, but I had seen it categorized as short stories—which I don’t always connect to—but it’s not. It’s so brilliantly written. It’s a book about a small town of Connecticut and the people that live there, over the course of a year. These people and town are all sort of interwoven and connect. Kind of like we all do in life. The seven degrees of separation and all that. Each chapter focuses on a different person that you are introduced to in a previous chapter. A lot of characters circle back multiple times.

CW: This book deals with a lot of tough topics and potential triggers such as cancer, infidelity, drug addiction, and death.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I ate this book up! My only complaint is I wanted more! A book of heartbreak, redemption and hope is a recipe for a must read. Thanks to all the readers of @bookfriendsbookclub who read along with us. I’m looking forward to discussing this one and then diving further with a zoom with the author.

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